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Exterior Repainting

The exterior appearance of the building is vital as it’s the first thing people see when they come to your business. Maintaining the curb appeal of your exteriors is essential to maximize your revenue and tenant acquisition. One of the services we offer to the people of Sacrament, CA, is exterior repainting. When your building has been around for a while, and the exterior paint is faded or chipping, we can apply a fresh new coat. Our products are high-quality and formulated to last for years.

Warehouse Painting

Warehouses need regular painting to keep up their appearance and maintain their walls. However, many people choose not to paint them because of their size. Warehouses tend to be very large, so it takes a significant amount of time and a lot of paint to cover the entire surface area. Luckily for you, an industrial warehouse repaint is no trouble for the talented team at Graydaze. We have a warehouse painting team with the expertise to paint your warehouse perfectly and efficiently. Our warehouse painters will use high-quality paints specifically formulated for your facility’s walls and apply colors that will go well with your existing branding or palette. Call us today to get an estimate if you need warehouse painting services. Your workforce will be more motivated working in an attractive and well-tended facility.

Full Building Repaint

In addition to warehouse repainting, we offer full building repaints for other commercial and industrial structures to owners in Sacramento, CA. Whether you have a new building or an old one that needs a facelift, we can cover the entire facility from top to bottom. We ensure you get the best industrial repainting results possible with a highly skilled team. Before any work begins, the team analyzes your facility to see which products and tools they need. That allows them to do an excellent job in the least time possible. We welcome you to choose your own paint colors, and we’re also happy to advise you on the best color scheme for your tenant building, office, or warehouse.

Tenant Rebranding

Tenants want to live in a place that looks good, so they feel they aren’t wasting money to be there. As the building owner, keeping your tenant building in good shape is essential to attract new clients and retain the old ones. No tenant will want to live or work in a building whose paintwork is peeling and faded, even if the architecture is beautiful. Improve the visibility of your building by hiring our highly experienced exterior coating contractors in Sacramento, CA, for your tenant rebranding project. We can give you an estimate of the costs the moment you call to book the team. Whether you want a full building repaint or eye-catching touches from a texture painting contractor, Graydaze has the tools and the know-how to bring your vision to life.

Commercial Painting & Coatings

Our industrial painting contractors offer top-quality commercial exterior painting services in Sacramento, CA. Most commercial building owners want to rebrand, repaint, or do a facelift now and then to keep the place looking good. Like tenant buildings, commercial buildings depend on curb appeal to draw attention and business. The best way to ensure that your building is full of customers is to keep it looking new by applying a fresh coat of paint every now and then. Graydaze can help you do that with our impeccable painting skills. Give us a call if you want to paint your place of business. We can use your company colors to repaint or work with you to rebrand your business and make it look appealing to customers.

Joint Sealant Installation

Another service that goes hand in hand with painting is joint sealant installation. We want to make your investment property safe, secure, and beautiful. We use the best products to seal joints and ensure no water, dust, or pests get into your facility through cracks in the concrete. Whenever you have a building revitalization project anywhere in Sacramento, call our concrete joint sealant contractors to install the sealant for you. You will be pleased with our team’s efficient work and smooth, seamless results.

Industrial Slab & Sealant Repairs

Industrial slab and sealant repairs are another essential service in our catalog. We want to make your business as safe, clean, and beautiful as it should be. We do not want anything getting into your facility through poorly done slabs or sealants. Like painting, sealant repairs require a thorough building analysis before the work begins. When you call for an estimate, our team will organize a unit to check out your building and decide how to approach the job. We’ll note any cracked concrete slabs and get to work sealing the damage to ensure a safe working environment within your facility.

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If you have an industrial or commercial building in Sacramento, CA, we will partner with you in boosting and maintaining the facility’s curb appeal. Whether you want a few touch-ups or a full repaint, the Graydaze team in Sacramento will be happy to assist. The turnaround time depends on the size of the building and other factors like the painting design, but we try to make it as short as possible. We do our best to maintain your work and your tenants during the process. Our goal is to make it easy for the people of Sacramento to repaint their commercial buildings whenever necessary. For warehouse painting contractors, commercial caulking, and all other industrial exterior painting and maintenance concerns, request an estimate online or by calling Graydaze today.

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